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This website has been built in the memory of Sir Edward Weary Dunlop and as a way to continue the work of Keith Flanagan who worked tirelessly in the last years of his life to keep Weary’s story alive so a new generation would know him.

We hope you will record your thoughts and experiences here for us all to share. We’d love to hear if you have done the Quiet Lion/Hellfire Pass Tour. Tell us of  your experience.  If you’ve read a book that you think is worthwhile, if you’re a digger or just want to express your thoughts   … please just leave a comment.

It is meant to be a growing and interactive site where we can collect memories, stories and anything else anyone wants to share in one central place. It is hoped it will become a great resource for schools and other organisations interested in the life and work of this  ‘larger than life’ character – one of the great men who has made Australia proud.

With respect and deep sadness …

Keith Flanagan OAM, the instigator and driver of the telling of the Quiet Lion story, died peacefully of cancer on Saturday, 1 March 2008, just as this website and the Channel 7 screening of the Documentary were being finalised.

He dedicated the latter part of his life to ensuring that the significance of the Railway and Hellfire Pass never be forgotten. Ex POW’s, children and others from the annual Quiet Lion Tours and the many schools he visited, will remember his tireless work aimed at ensuring that the loss of life on the Thai Burma railway should be neither forgotten nor be of no purpose.

His work will be carried on.

The Quiet Lion has become his epitaph.

Keith embodied the words of his fellow POW’s:

“when you go home, tell them about us…
tell them we gave our tomorrow for your today”.

John Dunlop
March 2008

We welcome your comments, suggestions and your memories so please feel free to contact us at any time. If you would like to link to our site or have one on ours, we’ll be happy to oblige.

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